Three key things to consider when choosing a Helideck Certification Specialist

Managing helicopter movements onboard a superyacht is a challenging and safety critical operation.  You want to know that your landing area is suitable for the helicopter you plan to use and that it can be operated safely.  Our goal at Safeguard Helideck Certification is to ensure safe aviation at sea.  We know that flying comes with inherent risk and our team is experienced in flying out to superyachts, checking the landing area and procedures, and ensuring that the yacht has a Certified Helideck that will meet the required safety regulations. 

As an Aviation Inspection Body, authorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), you can be sure that Safeguard Helideck Certification has the expertise you need.  When looking for a team to carry out a superyacht helideck inspection there are some important questions to consider:

Are they an Experienced Team?

At Safeguard Helideck Certification we have combined, over 60 years of experience operating helicopters on vessels at sea. Our team comprises Ex-Military Aircrew, Flight Deck Officers, Survival Specialists, Safety Management Specialists, Helicopter Engineers and Naval Architects. We live and breathe maritime aviation and strive to ensure that superyachts can enjoy their helicopter operations in the safest way possible.

We look after some of the world’s largest superyachts, working with great respect for the privacy of the yacht owners and ensuring they can operate their helideck/s with all safety checks and required certifications in place.

Can they Certify a Helideck for Commercial Flights?

If you want to use your superyacht helideck for charter (fee paying) passengers, then you must have a fully Certified helicopter landing area because this is classed as a ‘commercial’ flight. International aviation regulations mandate that all commercial helicopters must operate to a Certified Helideck and the team at Safeguard Helidecks can provide you with the right certifications, including:

  • Helicopter Landing Area Certificates (HLAC)
  • Helicopter Landing Area Inspection Reports (HLAIR)
  • Helicopter Landing Area Technical Certificates (HLATC)

Are they Responsive?

The use of superyacht helidecks is not a regular thing and when an owner says they want to bring guest onto the yacht by helicopter then the captain and crew must move quickly to make sure all the required certifications are in place.  The Safeguard Helideck Certification team always respond quickly and efficiently to Certification requests, frequently jumping on a flight out to a yacht with just 24 hours’ notice. 

Do you need to speak to a Helideck Certification expert?  Get in touch with our team..

To find out more about the range of services we offer and how we can help with your helideck certification requirements please call our Operations Manager, Chris Wood, who will be happy to answer any questions and give advice on the steps you need to take to ensure your superyacht can use its helideck safely. 

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